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English: The village is to be found at Playa Grande, in the Guanacaste region, the Pacific Coast, on the Nicoya peninsula, between Tamarindo and Flamingo. In the middle of the marvelous National marine park of Las Baulas. [enter]
Italiano: Il “Sol y Luna Lodge” si trova a Playa Grande, nella regione Guanacasteca, isulla costa del pacifico nella Penisola di Nicoya, tra Tamarindo e Flamingo nel bel mezzo del Parco Nazionale Marino Las Baulas. [entra]
Deutsch: Sol y Luna Lodge befindet sich in Playa Grande, in der Region von Guanacaste an der Pazifikküste auf der Halbinsel von Nicoya, zwischen Tamarindo und Flamingo. genau in der Mitte des Meer-Nationalparks “Las Baulas”. [mehr]
Francaise: Sol y Luna Lodge se situe à Playa Grande, dans la région de Guanacaste sur la côte pacifique sur la presqu’île de Nicoya, entre Tamarindo et Flamingo, au milieu du Parc National Martime “Las Baulas”. [entrée]
Espanol: El Sol y Luna Lodge se encuentra en Playa Grande, en la costa del pacifico en la Peninsula de Nicoya, entre Tamarindo y Flamingo, en el Parque Nacional Marino Las Baulas. El Sol y Luna Lodge se encuentra a 400 mts del arenil.[mas]




Turtles Tours - Guanacaste - Playa Grande - Costa Rica Turtles
Parco Nazionale Marino di LAS BAULAS - Playa Grande Costa Rica

Costa Rica Playa Grande Turtles Tours:
Las Baulas National Marine Park. Here you will begin your guided nocturnal tour with one of the park rangers.

In a small group you walk silently down the beach with only the stars and moon to light your way. You will feel as though you have traveled back in time. It won't take long before you come upon an enormous creature slowly emerging from the surf. Imagine how far both you and the turtle have traveled to finally meet on this secluded shore. Then begins the hour long nesting ritual that can be observed from beginning to end. This wonderful experience will be something you will always remember.

There are turtles at Playa Grande all year 'round. The nesting season for the giant leatherback turtle is October through March when they can be seen every night. Up to 100 of these dinosauric (max.to1800 lbs.) sea creatures have been spotted nesting at one time. Beginning in early January it is normal to see the 4 inch baby turtles emerging from the sand and making their way to the ocean. Experts consider this nesting beach to be one of the most important in the Occidental Pacific. Right up the street is the Turtle museum. The kids will love it. You can shop there, or our small gift shop, for local handicrafts or take a tour to an artisan's village which specializes in Indian pottery.

Did you know?

-a leatherback's favorite food is jellyfish.
-leatherbacks in Costa Rica lay two kinds of eggs: yolked and yolkless
-the temperature in the nest determines if a hatchling will be a boy or a girl
-a leatherback's shell is covered by a leathery skin
-the "tears" that turtles "cry" are just their way of shedding excess salt.
Be a friend to the leatherback:

Las Baulas National Park DO NOT:

-drive or walk on the beach above the high tide line- this crushes eggs
and hatchlings in the nest!
-walk on the beach at night- this scares turtles away
-walk/stand in front of turtle
-plant anything on the beach or dunes
-use lights on the beach
-use flash photography or video around a turtle
-buy products made from turtles

Las Baulas National Park DO:

-speak very softly if near a turtle
-use red lights instead of white on the exterior of your house if it is
visible from the beach
-tell a park official if you see any practices that may be harmful to
-appreciate this fascinating animal
-share your knowledge of leatherbacks with others

Se volete vedere le Tartarughe e la deposizione delle uova durante il vostro viaggio in Costa Rica, alloggiare a Playa Grande è la scelta migliore che possiate fare. Playa Grande è una bella spiaggia sabbiosa lunga cira 3 miglia nella regione di Guanacaste. E' una delle più larghe spiagge e tutta la zona è attrezzata per offrire diverse attività come il surf, la pesca e le uscite in barca a vela. La sua vicinanza a Tamarindo è un grande vantaggio perchè permette, in breve distanza, di avere una città con tutte le sue comodità: shopping, ristoranti, o visite guidate in città. Al vostro ritorno dalla città potrete apprezzare, rilassandovi nella vostra stanza, al Sol y Luna Lodge, la tranquillità della vita tropicale. In Costa Rica sono limitati i posti dove si possono ammirare le tartarughe e la spiaggia di Playa Grande è uno dei più accessibili luoghi dove poter vedere la deposizione delle uova. Potrete imparare molto sulle tartarughe del Parco Marino di Baulas soggiornando nel nostro resort in Playa Grande

Las Baulas National Park - SOL Y LUNA LODGE - Guanacaste - Playa Grande - Costa Rica lodges