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Las Baulas National Park - Guanacaste - Playa Grande - Costa Rica
Parco Nazionale Marino di LAS BAULAS - Playa Grande Costa Rica
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Las Baulas National Park: Las Baulas National Park (Parque Marino las Baulas) is located on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica in the Province of Guanacaste, near the village of Tamarindo. It supports the largest nesting colony of leatherback turtles in the Pacific Ocean with a population size of about 800 female turtles nesting per year in non-El Niño years. The Park was established by Presidential decree in 1990 and formalized in law in July, 1995. It is made up of three nesting beaches, Playa Grande, Playa Langosta and Playa Ventanas. It also protects two mangrove estuaries, Estero de Tamarindo and the Estero de San Francisco, as well as the ocean out to 12 miles offshore.


The park is located on the North Pacific coast of Costa Rica, 1.2 hour drive from Villa del Sol. It belongs to Tempisque Conservation Area. From the highway 21 (Liberia to Nicoya) turn right just after the village of Belen, follow the signs to Tamarindo, pass the village of Huacas continue on the road up to Matapalo, and after 9 kms you will reach Playa Grande.

Did you know?

-a leatherback's favorite food is jellyfish.
-leatherbacks in Costa Rica lay two kinds of eggs: yolked and yolkless
-the temperature in the nest determines if a hatchling will be a boy or a girl
-a leatherback's shell is covered by a leathery skin
-the "tears" that turtles "cry" are just their way of shedding excess salt.
Be a friend to the leatherback:


-drive or walk on the beach above the high tide line- this crushes eggs
and hatchlings in the nest!
-walk on the beach at night- this scares turtles away
-walk/stand in front of turtle
-plant anything on the beach or dunes
-use lights on the beach
-use flash photography or video around a turtle
-buy products made from turtles


-speak very softly if near a turtle
-use red lights instead of white on the exterior of your house if it is
visible from the beach
-tell a park official if you see any practices that may be harmful to
-appreciate this fascinating animal
-share your knowledge of leatherbacks with others

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Las Baulas National Park - SOL Y LUNA LODGE - Guanacaste - Playa Grande - Costa Rica lodges