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Created in 1991, the National Park of Las Baulas spreads for about 381 hectares. A big part of it is made of mangrove swamp containing all six of the mangrove species found in Costa Rica. This kind of forest represents the best natural habitat for caimans, American crocodiles and numerous bird species, including the beautiful roseate spoonbill. Other creatures to look for when visiting are howler monkeys, raccoons, coatis, otters, and a variety of crabs.

However, the main attraction of the Park is Playa Grande. The Playa is also the main place for the reproduction of the Baula turtle that is the biggest one in the world. It has a shell of about 1.6 meters and weights, on average, 300 kg!! Some rare examples reach the 500 kg! Nesting season is October to March, with its peak between November and February. But one can find several other species all over the year.

Playa Grande is also a favored surfing beach. Some of the best waves in Costarica are to be found around here. “Sol y Luna” organizes night trips, with local experts and guides, to admire the turtles nesting, horse riding, scuba diving in the near Catalinas Islands where all sorts of fish can be admired: sharks, dolphins, whales, the beautiful manta rays (some are up to 6 meters large) and other stingrays.

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